2022 headliner



When Forrest Frank sent Colin Padalecki a DM five years ago, no one could have anticipated  what the two Texas college students’ music would become. “We both were just doing it for fun,”  Forrest says, looking back with a laugh. “When we met up that first time, it was all just to hang  out.” For them, Surfaces was just an idea; the duo’s success—sold-out tours, collaborating with  Elton John, playing late night talk shows with a platinum hit single under their belts—wasn’t  even a consideration. Within a year of partnering, Surfaces’ music began to take off, with Forrest manning vocals and production, and Colin handling writing and arrangements, the two have produced three albums, risen to #19 on the Billboard Hot 100, and turned their dorm room hang outs into global stardom, while connecting with fans around the world who found something special in the band’s blend of buoyant production and “no shirt, no  shoes, no problem” energy.